You are welcome to contact us at anytime to ask specific questions or discuss your visa options. To help you, we have collated a list of some of the most commonly asked questions based on our years of experience in servicing those considering or going through the visa application process in Australia.





If I am not in Australia, can you still help me?

We work with a diverse range of clients. Around half are already based in the Western Australia region, often studying or working on a short-term visa, but wish to make their stay permanent.

The other half are currently based overseas, but with to migrate to Australia for professional, personal or family reasons.

How can I provide you documents and communicate with you efficiently, if I am not in Australia or Western Australia?

We are a modern, connected business, with a flexible approach to client contact. While we provide our local clients with face-to-face consultations in Perth, we can also connect with overseas and interstate clients by phone, video-call and even using messaging services such as Whatsapp and Skype.

Nearly all of Australia’s visa application are submitted via the Immigration’s online portal. Most of our clients provide their documents to us via email or by submitting it into our secure client portal.

However, we always accommodate clients who are more at ease handing over physical copies of their documents. For local clients, we organise a time for them to hand over their file of documents. Alternatively, clients are welcome to send it to us via post. For physical copies or originals, we return these to the client soon after making electronic copies.

Meet Zainab Jeeva and Adnaan Mafawalla – they are in Sydney and we’ve worked with them across 2 applications without having had the opportunity to meet them face-to-face.

What kind of visas do you specialise in?

Partner Migration:

Many of our clients are seeking professional support to obtain a visa for a partner based overseas.

We are experienced in supporting the visa applications of clients in both mixed-sex and same-sex relationships, as well as clients who have other family ties to Australia.

As first-generation immigrants who came to join our family in western Australia, we have a deep understanding of the importance of family unity, and empathise with clients who find separation distressing.

Skills-based & Work Visas

We are equally experienced working with individuals who have professional skills, qualifications and practical experience which the Australian government have identified as being in demand.

Others may have a business plan that will contribute positively to the domestic economy.

The Australian government has visa streams that support skilled workers, business owners and entrepreneurs, and we will help you to identify which offers you the best path to securing permanent residency.

If I started my application on my own, or had my visa application refused recently, is there any way you can help me?

We regularly support clients at any stage of the migration process.

Some may be simply exploring their options and considering the best visa type; others may have a specific visa stream in mind – but may want to verify their approach with a Registered Migration Agent.

We also work with clients who are part way through their application – but are struggling with the complexity of the process, those who have had a change of circumstances after making their visa application, and those who have faced the distress of their application being declined.

Is there a good age for migration?

It largely depends on the type of visa that you are wanting to apply for.

If you and your family are outside Australia, and you’re wanting to migrate based on your qualifications and skills, then you’ll have an increased chance of success if you’re aged between 28-38 years.

If you are wanting to migrate to Australia in order to join your Australian lover, there is no age limit to a partner visa. We’ve worked with several couples aged in their late 70s!

I am outside Australia, but my partner is Australian and living in Australia. How can you help us with our application?

We work regularly with clients from outside Australia, including the US, the UK, South Africa, Singapore, Malaysia and other nations across South East Asia.

We adjust our approach depending on the time difference, how tech-savvy the client is and more importantly, their preferred method of communication. Email and phone calls are the primary methods of communication as we prepare an application for submission. However, we also accommodate group chats and instant messaging so that clients can conveniently ask their questions as they work through what we require of them.

How much does it cost to migrate to Australia?

Visa application fees that is payable to the Australian government vary significantly. They start from as little as AU$145 and can be upwards of AU$7000. The visas itself are varied as there are over 100 different types of Australian visas. Some allows the visa holder only a temporary stay either as a student, worker or family member. Whilst others grant the visa holder the rights of a Permanent Resident. There is also a variety of humanitarian and refugee visas for eligible applicants.

If you are seeking permanent residency status, you may be expected to spend between AU$8,000 – AU$10,000 if you are a single applicant. That applies if you are a skilled migrant or coming to Australia under one of the family visa streams. For a family of 4, it may cost upwards of AU$15,000 if utilising the skilled migration or work visa pathway. These estimates take into consideration the cost of the actual visa application fee, skills assessment, English language tests, police clearance applications, health assessments where applicable.

Parent migration is at least AU$45,000 per applicant. Business migration visas require not only the payment of visa application charge, health assessments and police clearances, it may also require applicants to make payment in Australian investments.

If you are eligible for a particular visa, the quote which we will present to you will indicate clearly the payable fees to the Australian government and other disbursements which may be incurred.

Is the visa application fee refundable?

There are limited circumstances where a visa applicant may be successful in asking for a refund from the Australian government. A change of mind or not wanting to proceed with the application, are not acceptable reasons when seeking a refund.

Should you decide to forgo or discontinue your application, hence withdrawing the application, this generally does not equate to getting a refund.

If my visa application is refused, do I get a refund?

Unfortunately, if your application is refused, you will not be given a refund from the Department of Home Affairs or an assessing body. Decisions on visa applications are only be made by the Australian government and its authorised representatives. Each of the application we prepare and submit are given the utmost care. While it’s impossible to guarantee the success of any application, we have a sincere dedication to giving every client the highest possible chance of approval.

Can you guarantee the success of my application?

While it’s impossible to guarantee the success of any application, we have a sincere dedication to giving every client the highest possible chance of approval. Decisions on a visa application can only be given by the Australian government and its authorised representatives.

We are pedantic with making sure you are across what we do for your application. Before your application is submitted, you must give us the written approval to do so. Only when you are happy with all the information we’ve presented will we proceed to lodge your application.

How long does it take to get a permanent visa for Australia?

It varies significantly. Family visas may take between 2-4 years to be finalised from when the application was lodged. Skilled migration or work visas may take between 6 to 18 months to be finalised.

Other factors which will impact the processing time of your application can include:

• The completeness of your application (is it decision ready?)
• Past immigration/visa history for the applicants.
• Character or health issues for the applicants.
• The annual migration quota set out by the Australian Government annually.

How much time does it take to prepare my application before it’s ready for lodgement?

From experience, we allow approximately 4-8 weeks for applicants to collate their documents, gather information and prepare any supporting personal statements or those from family and friends. However, the deadline for when an application must be lodged, will depend on whether there is a looming visa expiration or significant change such as an age limitation, or impending travel etc.

The shortest lead time we’ve been given was just under 24 hours to prepare and submit a spouse visa application. We worked overtime with lots of coffee, but it was achievable equally because the client dedicated themselves completely to the process and we took advantage of the fact that everyone involved was technologically savvy. This meant that information and documents were efficiently shared across secure platforms seamlessly.

Does marrying an Australian mean I can get a partner visa?

Unfortunately, No.

Simply being married to an Australian citizen or permanent resident, does not equate to you being eligible for a partner visa. There are specific and strict requirements to be met for each of the partner visa categories.

Across all the partner visa categories, you and your partner must be able to demonstrate that the relationship is genuine and ongoing.

Similarly, if you’re ‘dating’ an Australian citizen or Permanent Resident, you may not meet the eligibility requirements of a partner visa.

The best way to check if you qualify to apply for one of the partner visas, is to speak to us directly. We’ll take the time to ask relevant question and find out about your unique circumstances. Our Registered Migration Agent will then carefully review the information you’ve provided and best-match it to suitable visa that is most appropriate for you.

What are the benefits of engaging an Australian based Migration Agent?

As a practicing Registered Migration Agent (RMA) based in Australia, our RMA is registered with the OMARA. Unfortunately, migration agents operating outside Australia are not required to be registered with the OMARA. Our Registered Migration Agent abide by the Code of Conduct, complete annual professional development and maintain an up to date professional library as part of the strict requirement of renewing an OMARA registration.

As a client of an Australian business, you can also take advantage of Australia’s advanced Consumer Protection Law in the event you have serious problems with your migration agent. All too often, we come across potential migrants who were promised extremely fast processing times, the guarantee of an approval and very cheap fees. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is and you should double check the information given to you.



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